Please notice that it is nearly impossible to convert a masterbatch colour for plastic granules to a hex colour for Html. So take this colour on your screen only as an orientation. Or take the RAL – codes and us a colour fan.

We take care that the classic colours look as similar as possible to the original colours of Commodore. No matter what you see on your screen now.

Blue, Red and White are perfect for the cases from Dallas. The only problem is that the case production company produce some different shades of each case colour. So we picked up colours where we think they will look good with every shade. But speaking frankly – choose a translucent colour if you took the upgrade. Then you have a showrunner…

For the translucent colours take the pictures on the end of the page as reference. Please note that “Black translucent” will look like a very dark gray, as translucent black things always do.

Availble colours:

Commodore C64 – Letter Keycaps Commodore C64 – Function Keycaps


Commodore C64C / G / Aldi – Letter Keycaps Commodore C64C / G / Aldi – Function Keycaps


Jet black – RAL 9005 Signal white – similar to RAL 9003


Signal red – similar to RAL 3001 Light red / Rose – similar to RAL 3017


Signal blue – similar to RAL 5005 Sky blue – similar to RAL 5015


Dark Orange (like VC20 function keys) Luminous orange Рsimilar to RAL 2005


Zinc yellow – similar to RAL 1018 Traffic yellow – similar to RAL 1023


Luminous green – similar to RAL 6038 Heather Violet – similar to RAL 4003