Welcome to the C64 – keycap project!

Update 22.08.2017

I will start shipping the sets in a couple of weeks. So please take care that your shipping address in our database http://phase5.eu/adress/ is up to date! Please dont update your address at Indiegogo, I already copied this database during the colour survey last year! If you lost or forgot your login information from last year – I sent an email to all backers with their login information today!


Project updates / status:

After countless hours of optimizing the printing for the caps and only reaching 90 % of which is possible I found the problem. The jets of the second printhead for white seemed to be 0.05 mm displaced, so the prints were not 100 % clear. 0.05 mm sounds not very much – but the smallest symbol on the keyboard is only 0.609 mm wide. So also 0.05 mm matters. The technican from the printer company was already here – now everything works perfect and I can start printing right now.


Gamescom @ Cologne * free giveaway

You can see a set of the caps on the Gamescom this week in Cologne. You will find it here: exhibition hall 10.2. / stand A20 / A21 / B20. It is a C64 from the guys from Radio Paralax (http://www.radio-paralax.de/), one of the worlds greatest radio stations for C64 sounds & tunes. 😀

I am not there but you can grab a free cap (as long as they have one) as a very small giveaway. I made around 400 pcs of this last week with sorted out caps.



Giveaways – grab them for free as long as they have one on their stand (exhibition hall 10.2. / stand A20 / A21 / B20).


It would be very kind if you find some time in the next weeks to check / verify / confirm your shipping address, we will only ship the sets after you have confirmed the address!


Thanks a lot for your support, understanding and patience.

Kind regards,