Welcome to the C64 – keycap survey!

Update 21.12.2016

As you may know we had to order a new mould for one keycap. We got it this Monday, but it needed a small fix / rework. We sent it back to the mould making company, we will get it back on 22. / 23. Dezember.

Then we will produce the last 5 % of the caps. After that we will sort the caps, print and ship them. You will find some new photos of the production in the photo section.

The sorting and printing of 125.000 pieces of caps will take some time. If everything works as planed we can finish most of them during the holidays (in the next two weeks). That depends a little on how much leisure time the team members can offer and that everything works without further problems.


To avoid delays with shipping after the end of the production we kindly ask you to check your shipping adress. At the colour survey it took around 8 weeks and 5 newsletters to get the colour choices from most of our backers. But still 25 % of the backers never logged in to choose their colour or check the adress.

Please visit following pages to check shipping address:

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IMPORTANT – please confirm on the address page your shipping address via checkbox!

If you did not get the login information please contact us – we will resend Username & Password to you.